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Care in use and wash

In order to longer maintain the original look of your sportswear, the client ought to follow some special orientations in use and wash

1. Don’t mix suplex garments with other fabrics, during use or wash.

2. Don’t use softener when washing. It’s use will make your sportswear pick up external fabrics (similar to piling), especially when in contact with other garments.

3. Items should be washed before its first use preventing the release of inks during perspiration.

4. After wash don’t let your sportswear with too much water because it can dye other areas of the same item (especially on the first washes)

5. For a successful dry, turn the items inside out and hang them, preferably without the use of clothes pegs, preventing marks from appearing. The item should be hanged without direct solar exposure and on a good ventilated area, prolonging its original look.

6. Check the care labels of each item.

Ditchil is not responsible for any damage derived from misuse of the item nor failure to follow the guidelines described above.